What is the Explore Eastern Shore Tourism Society?

What is the Explore Eastern Shore Tourism Society?

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce our new Explore Eastern Shore

Tourism Society where you can learn all about local events, attractions & destinations. Our goal is

to support tourism in our area while encouraging community involvement from locals. We hope

that Tourism Society members will have a blast exploring the Eastern Shore and will share their

experiences with tourists they encounter, friends and family. We will offer three sessions each year

with three program days each that include speakers, a trade show, attraction tours & graduation.

When are the Sessions?

Summer Session: June 14, July 26 & August 23

Fall Session: October 11, November 15 & December 13

Who is an ideal participant?

- Front-line hospitality employees who greet and refer visitors to local attractions, restaurants &


- Locals who are a constant cheerleader for the Eastern Shore and love sharing fun things to do.

- Those interested in volunteering at local tourism events.


There is a participation fee of $30 to cover meals.


Link to sign up for Summer Session: https://goo.gl/forms/xendXuvYWQdB52a53

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