Leaders Council Spotlight: CJ Ezell, PointClear Networks

CJ Ezell and his team at PointClear Networks are making it easier for small and medium sized companies to get connected. They design, build and support technology resources and provide complete IT solutions for businesses who don’t have the budget for a multi-person in house IT department. Because local businesses get the benefit of an entire team of IT professionals, many are now opting to outsource their IT with PointClear Networks. "In those situations, we can usually absorb their in-house technician and make him/her a part of our team,” said Ezell.

PointClear Networks saw a 55% increase in sales over 2016 with much of that directly attributed to new construction projects on the Gulf Coast. "We’re seeing a lot of businesses who had been putting off capital expenditures for the past several years finally deciding to pull the trigger on infrastructure improvements and projects designed to grow their businesses,” said Ezell.

As a leader in emerging technology, looking toward the future comes natural for Ezell. "As Alabama’s fastest growing county, and one of the top 15 fastest growing counties in the nation, we need to be thinking about what lies ahead for us. We can’t afford to dwell on yesterday and how things used to be. That won’t help us prepare for the future,” said Ezell. "One of the biggest reasons I am so passionate about the Chamber, is because I believe that we have an enormous responsibility to the business owners, and citizens, of the Eastern Shore to be their voice in the various stages of growth planning. We need to be actively involved in economic development projects and in metropolitan planning as it relates to ALL Baldwin County, not just one or two individual cities.”

Ezell is also incredibly involved with the Chamber. In addition to being a member of the Leaders Council, he serves on the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Governmental Affairs Committee. He also serves on the advisory board of several technology groups throughout North America including the ASCII Group (US) and Passportal (Canada).

Over the course of his career in technology, Ezell has had an opportunity to travel extensively throughout the United States and Canada, but the Eastern Shore will always be special. "While there are lots of nice places to visit, there is nowhere I would rather call home than the Eastern Shore,” said Ezell. "My family and I absolutely love the area and the friends we’ve made here. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the entire Eastern Shore community.”

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