Jubilee Festival of Arts Recognizes High School Art Exhibit Winners

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize the winners of their inaugural Jubilee Festival of Arts High School Art Competition.
1st Place - Hannah Wieland, Bayside Academy
2nd Place - Olivia Rainer, Bayshore Christian School
3rd Place - Leif Purdy, Fairhope High School

Winners took home a ribbon and a cash prize for their school's art department. Submissions were judged by the same judges who judged the professional artists participating in the Jubilee Festival of Arts.  

The High School Art Competition was added to the 30th Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts  to give local high school students an opportunity to compete, exhibit their work and earn prizes for their efforts. It's also a great way to showcase the wonderful artistic talent found in the high schools located on the Eastern Shore.

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