Eastern Shore Chamber Releases Municipal Election Voter Guides

Denise Curtis

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee has been busy ahead of the municipal elections, Tuesday, August 23 creating a Voter Guide to help you get to know each candidate, and encouraging our residents to Get Out and Vote. 

"This is your opportunity to have your voice heard in local government and decide on who will be making those important decisions that impact the entire community," said Interim Executive Director Christina Hellmich.

"It's not only important to vote, but be an informed voter. That's why we are making voter guides available to our members so when they head to the polls, they can make an educated choice," said Eric Nager, Chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee.

Our Governmental Affairs Committee has asked candidates for Mayor and City Council in Daphne, Fairhope and Spanish Fort to answer questions you care most about. We've taken their responses and created a Voter Guide for each city. 
Candidates were asked about their top priorities in office, where they stand on budgeting decision, how they'd support tourism in our area and how our cities should proceed forward to support our schools.
We hope you will find these guides a useful tool as you get to know your candidates before the August 23rd municipal election. Please feel free to share it with your employees, friends and family. Links are available on our facebook page and twitter for easy sharing.
Links to each Voter Guide can be found below. We also have paper copies available at our Chamber Offices. 
Get Informed, Spread the Word & Get Out and Vote!
Municipal Elections - August 23, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.


 The Eastern Shore Chamber does not endorse any candidate for any public office.

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