ESCoC Governmental Affairs Survey Results

The results are back from a survey sent to the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce members regarding several key issues facing our local leaders. Building community relationships is one of the chambers four core values and it’s our goal to make sure our businesses have a seat at the table when big decisions are being made. In order to better serve the business members of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, The Governmental Affairs Committee recently sent a survey out asking pertinent questions that are affecting our community. Those results are back and are shown below:

Question 1:
If a vote were to be held today, would you vote to:

Have a lottery in Alabama - 66 - 72.34%
Allow casinos to operate – 49 - 52.13%
None of the Above – 22 - 23.40%
Total Responses: 94

Question 2:
Following the March 2015 property tax referendum, Baldwin County Board of Education established a Community Advisory Task Force of concerned citizens to thoroughly examine and provide counsel for actionable steps regarding the future of public education in Baldwin County. Are you aware of this report and if so, have you reviewed the Community Advisory Task Force Report?

Yes - 32 - 33.33%
No – 64 - 66.67%
Total Responses: 96

Question 3:
The current penny tax will be expiring on March 31, 2018. This penny tax provides $32 million annually for schools. Would you be in favor of making the penny tax a permanent tax in order to add stability to the school system budget?

Yes – 68 – 70.83%
No – 26 – 29.17%
Total Responses: 96

Question 4:
Are you in support of the education renewal of the 3 mill/1mill ad valorem tax which is expiring in March, 2016?

Yes – 67 – 70.53%
No – 28 – 29.47%
Total Responses: 95

Question 5:
The Community Advisory Task Force has proposed a "pay as you go” construction philosophy which addresses the capital deficiency. This would be funded by a new one-half cent sales tax that foregoes the use of long-term bonds. Would you be in favor of this tax?

Yes – 49 – 51.04%
No – 47 – 48.96%
Total Responses: 96

Question 6:
For every penny obtained through gas taxes, Baldwin County receives $1.5 million per year (prior to matching funds). Would you be in favor of a gas tax increase to be used for the road infrastructure in Baldwin County? If so, which increase would you support?

4 cents – 31 – 37.35%
5 cents – 7 – 8.43%
7 cents – 10 – 12.05%
Other Amount – 35 – 42.17%
Total Responses – 83

Question 7:
To meet the rising demands on Medicaid, should Alabama participate in the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid funds?

Yes – 52 – 55.32%
No – 42 – 44.68%
Total Responses: 94

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