Bridge the Gap Bama

Alabama Coasting in collaboration with DigiPro Media Introduces a Resource for Alabama Small Business MOBILE, ALABAMA
April 10, 2020 Mobile-based, Alabama Coasting, is excited to partner with DigiPro Media, an industry leader in digital accessibility solutions on Bridge the Gap Bama - designed to connect businesses with their customer base and others in the community that want to help. The cornerstone of the Bridge the Gap Bama initiative is the "Gift Card Bond” Program.
"Our #1 priority”, explains Steve Barshov, Digi-Pro’s CEO, "is to equip businesses to fight back using technology to make it easier for their customers to engage and pre-buy products and services so we can all get through this together.”
Gift card bonds are a method by which businesses can gain access to immediate financial relief provided to them by their own loyal customer base. These gift cards work like a bond that they appreciate in value. For example, a gift card is sold for $75 but has a value of $100 at "maturity”. Gift cards may be redeemed at the time a business re-opens or resumes its normal operation. The terms of the "Gift Card Bond” are up to the business to decide, communicate to, and deliver to their customer.
For businesses that already have an online payment system, there is no cost to participate. Simply go to sign up and outline the terms of your "Gift Card Bond”. For those that need to establish an online presence, DigiPro has negotiated deep discounts and deferred monthly fees from merchant service providers who are stepping up to help.
As Alodia Arnold, our point person for this initiative confirms: "We are truly all in this together. As a small business owner myself, I could not in all good conscience sit back and watch my fellow business owners suffer without any support.”
This support extends to employees as well through a program called Tip-A-Server. Those on the front lines in the service industry have also been severely impacted by social distancing and state mandated closures. Employees register on the Tip-A-Server platform and the public can tip them directly to their Venmo accounts. Customers can search for their favorite server or simply tip randomly – and are encouraged to do this while they enjoy a meal or happy hour at home.
For more information on both of these programs, go to, email or call 251-414-6282. 

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