Remote Access and Best Practices While Working From Home

APR 3, 2020 | Black Talon Security

Cybercriminals are now leveraging our national crisis to target businesses of all sizes by launching cyberattacks and phishing campaigns in order to exploit us at a potential time of weakness.

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Transforming Your Organization’s Culture Through Its PEOPLE

FEB 26, 2020 | Dennis Sherrin, Avizo

In the modern workplace, we all know how vital culture is. This is because culture is a reflection of the implied priorities of an organization and its people. It can be a powerful force in the success of your organization as it is what draws in and retains talent. This article will address what role the leadership of your organization has in shaping your company’s culture, as well as how to determine what your culture is, and finally, suggestions for improvement. Although I am continually learning, culture is something I have focused on heavily during my tenure as CEO of Avizo Group, Inc. (formerly Hartmann, Blackmon, & Kilgore, P.C.) and it’s something I regularly give presentations on at industry-wide seminars.

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Money-Smart Resolutions for 2020

JAN 14, 2020 | Navigator Credit Union

Many people make resolutions on New Year’s Day, and most soon give up on keeping them. No matter what your resolutions are, the key isn’t making the list, it’s sticking to it. Navigator Credit Union has some money-smart resolutions you can start any time to increase your financial fitness.

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9 Easy Ways to Get More Business Through Instagram

JAN 13, 2020 | Christina R. Metcalf

Instagram is an ideal platform to help people enter your world and assist them in getting to know you and your business. Whether you have the type of business that is very visual like a restaurant or a florist shop or you have a business that is service-based but not so visual like a plumbing company or tax preparation, there are plenty of ways to get more business through his popular platform.

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How to Motivate and Align Your Employees for 2020

JAN 5, 2020 | Kerry Flowers, Flower Consulting Group

If you really want to know how you stack up as a boss, ask the people that you are bossing around. That’s the only rating that matters. Lucky for you, your Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce knew you were searching for these answers. And we have them right here.

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The New Overtime Rule Explained

NOV 1, 2019 | Dr. Gia Wiggins, SPHR, SHRM-SCP - President, Morale Resources

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Overtime Rule issued by the Department of Labor. In the last month, I’ve received multiple calls from business owners asking if they should merely increase their salaried employees' pay to the new threshold. Before you take that step let's look at the rule.

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