According to the Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow, it is essential for a responsible program of economic and community development to address our communities’ ongoing environmental needs. Continued economic growth and expansion do not have to come at the sacrifice of the natural resources the Eastern Shore offers.

Baldwin EMC is our Platinum and Environmental Sponsor.

Each year our Chamber selects a member that is proactive in taking steps, above and beyond what is required by policy or law, to protect our precious environment as well as our quality of life along the Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore Chamber is one of only a handful of chambers in the United States that presents an environmental award and probably the only one that recognizes them by planting a 15 foot live oak tree in honor of their contribution. This year’s winner has been leading the pest control industry in cutting edge technologies that eradicate all problem pests for over 20 years. They use highly effective eco-friendly products and Integrated Pest Management that guarantees results and protects people, pets and the environment.

They believe it is vital to educate the public and customers of what they offer and how to use it without harming the environment. Household Termite and Pest Control is a 2nd generation professional pest control company. They opened The Pest Control Store in 1993.

Being located in one of the highest pest pressure areas on the Gulf of Mexico has pushed them to be educated in controlling pests. They are experts at controlling termites, ants, roaches, spiders, gnats, mosquitoes, moisture related wood decay fungi, bed bugs, rats, mice, fleas, mole crickets, aphids, moles, earwigs, lice, silverfish and they do it all with organic/ eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers.