Power 88 Increases Signal Strength and Expands Coverage

If a radio station wants to reach more people, there are two ways to make this happen: more power and a higher broadcast tower. By doing these two things, a station will greatly expand their coverage. Also the sound quality will improve and most importantly: thousands more people are reached with the Ultimate Power of the Love of God.

Coming soon: Power 88 is doing these two things to reach more people. Our power will increase from 33,000 watts to 100,000 watts! We have also been approved to raise the height of our tower, which will increase the strength of our signal over our current coverage area. It will add additional coverage to the Pensacola, Pace and Milton, FL area.

This will require our listeners and local Business to join this effort with generous tax deductible donations. The estimated cost for this increase is $100,000. Will you consider a donation to Power 88 to help reach thousands more people with the gospel?

You can make a tax deductible donation to www.goforth.org, or mail your check to Power 88, P. O. Box 1328, Mobile, AL 36633.  For donations of stocks or other securities, contact Wilbur Goforth at (251) 300-3130. Estimated completion for this increase is early next year.

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