Peak Alkalinity Opens in Downtown Fairhope

Peak Alkalinity is now open at 217-B Fairhope Avenue in Fairhope. The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce joined staff, family and friends to celebrate their grand opening Friday, October 6.

Missy Guitterrez, founder and co-owner of Peak explained that alkaline water flushes toxins and neutralizes acid throughout your body. She says benefits of drinking alkaline water include increasing oxygen levels, improved energy, boosted metabolism, antioxidant benefits, rejuvenated skin, lubricated muscles and joints, reduced acid reflux, strengthened immune system and overall health.

Peak Alkalinity also offers several other in-house health and wellness services including massage, infrared sauna with rehydration shower, and detoxifying foot spa.

To learn more about alkaline water and the services available at Peak Alkalinity, give them a call at (251) 270-7200 or visit their website


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