Note From the President, Casey Williams

A Message from Casey Williams, Executive Director, Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce

 Who knew what was in store for us in 2020…we might have imagined a hurricane, a drought, space aliens…just about anything but the COVID-19 Pandemic. COVID-19 brought us unimaginable, rapid fire changes, sometimes daily. Even now, we are making decisions as information becomes available and the future is still uncertain. While for our business community the rollercoaster of COVID-19 has been particularly impactful, some things remain the same…small business is the heartbeat of our community and our quality of life. Our businesses lift up our community through their support of sports teams, our schools, our nonprofits, the arts and so much more. 

The Eastern Shore Community has come together during all of this to support our businesses by curbside pickup, purchasing gift cards and shopping local and I thank you for that. Support Small Eastern Shore is an Eastern Shore Chamber initiative that is designed to help our small business community and non-profits as they navigate this ever-changing environment. Join the Support Small Eastern Shore Facebook Group so you can see and share specials, promotions, schedules, deals and all things small business. 

We have all learned new things, figured out new ways to accomplish our work and embraced new technology so we can stay in touch with one another. Our community has shown that we are nimble, capable, compassionate, brave and determined. We have all made sacrifices. We have all learned that slowing down isn’t all that bad. We have missed seeing our friends and families. We have shared heartache and joy. I know I am blessed every single day to live and work in this community. We will be stronger when we get to the other side, so until then, stay safe, be kind and help one another.

 -Casey Williams 

Found in the Summer/Fall 2020 edition of Portico.


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