M&M Bank Opens Newest Location in Daphne

DAPHNE, Ala. – Merchants & Marine Bank has a new prominent location in Daphne at 27765 Highway 98, where Scenic 98 veers off the highway.  They’ve also built a beautiful community area at that point. Soon you will see a flag pole go into place there.

Unlike most banks, Merchants & Marine Bank was established in the middle of the worst economic disaster in the history of the United States. In 1932 a small group of Pascagoula citizens saw the potential of the local area, considered the risk of probable failure, and then made the bold commitment to provide dependable financial services to the people of businesses in the area. More than eight decades later, assets have grown and locations have expanded from 2 offices to 12 locations in Jackson and George Counties in Mississippi and Baldwin County in Alabama including the new branch location in Daphne, AL.

M&M Bank is most pleased with the way they've helped their communities grow, knowing that their success as a bank depends on how customers achieve financial success.  

Through recessions, wars and changing environmental, political and social circumstances, they've remained true to a key tenant of their mission: "Offering professional financial services with a smile, relationships that go beyond service and leadership in the places we call home."

As a customer, you will enjoy the latest in banking convenience and service. As a neighbor, you can depend on M&M Bank for a helping hand.

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