Leader's Council Spotlight: Dennis E. Sherrin, Avizo Group

Leader's Council Spotlight

Dennis E. Sherrin,

CEO & Strategic Consultant
Avizo Group
Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a native of Fairhope, Alabama. My parents moved to Fairhope (from Mobile) in 1951. I earned my BS in Accounting from the University of South Alabama in 1984. My wife, Amy and I live in Fairhope. Amy is an adjunct nursing instructor at Coastal Alabama Community College. We have two sons: Kyle who is married and heading to Dallas for work and, Kody who is a Senior at Troy University. I am CEO and a Strategic Advisor for Avizo Group headquartered in Fairhope. 

  What is the number one thing you want people to know about your business? 

Avizo Group is a firm focused on Consulting, Strategy and Accounting serving individuals and organizations in our region and across the nation. Our talented team of professionals are focused on service. Our approach is to talk less and listen more to better understand client’s ideals for success and supply them information, guidance, and support to achieve the success the client looks forDifferent individuals differently define success. Listening is the only way we can understand your success. 

  What inspires you to serve in a leadership role in our community? 

One fundamental of leadership is to give away the knowledge you have acquired. If I learn and do not share what I learned with others, I cannot truly be considered leader. I learned at an early age to find ways to serve that supply an opportunity to learn and teachThis has led to roles in youth sports, scouting, education, state professional groups and the Chamber. I find the opportunity to influence youth in leadership incredible and helping fellow business professionals with forward thinking is just as fun. 

 What advice would you give others stepping into leadership roles? 

First, know that "life” is your leadership classThe experiences of your life will have an influence on how you lead. Take every experience and find something you learned. You cannot become a leader by attending a class, watching a webinar or reading a book. Second, as a leader, know your responsibility is to care for those in your charge. Third, understand that leadership is not a title. Leaders exist throughout an organization. They are the person the CEO turns to gain perspective. Lastly, true leaders understand they are influencers and must accept that great responsibility. 

 Is there anything else you would like to include? 

One more thought on a leader’s obligation to their team and their personal growth. A great leader is always looking for their replacement. Find individuals to mentor that can become your replacement allowing you the opportunity to enhance your unique abilities and grow.  

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