Just $5 feeds One Family for One Day - Campaign to Fight Hunger

Submitted: Prodisee Pantry

Prodisee Pantry and The Fairhope Store are partnering again this holiday season in a campaign to shine a light on the invisible issue in our communities—HUNGER. More than 1500 families in Fairhope alone depend on Prodisee Pantry for emergency food and hope. "Our volunteers provide fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, milk, cheese and staple grocery items to the 14,000 Baldwin County families who will visit Prodisee Pantry this year. For just $20, we can feed a family of four for a week,” says Executive Director Deann Servos. "While canned food drives and other pro-jects are awesome, we can stretch dollars so much further. A grocery cart that would cost you $250 we can provide for 1/5th the cost.”

One Family One Day encourages a donation of just $5 - enough to feed one family of four for one day. Diners and shoppers at participating restaurants and merchants may add $5 to their restaurant tab or bill as a direct donation to Prodisee Pantry. "This is a simple concept supporting Prodisee Pantry, a treasure in this community,” offers Lisette Normann of The Fairhope Store. "It’s stunning how many families are depending on them every week to put any food on the table. And these are our neighbors.”

Prodisee Pantry is non-profit community ministry providing food and disaster relief for 14,000 families a year throughout Baldwin County. Since its founding in 2003, over 148,00 families or 356,000 individuals have depended on Prodisee Pantry as a weekly "hub” for food and more at its facility on Highway 31 in Spanish Fort. "We are helping single parents, the unemployed or under-employed, families in transition, homeless, retirees or grandparents raising grandchildren,” says Servos. "It can be the loss of one paycheck, or unexpected medical expenses that can create a crisis.”

"What impresses me is Prodisee Pantry isn’t about groceries for life, says Normann. "They understand if a family needs groceries, there’s more going on. They bring together other social services every Tuesday along with employers. It’s a hub to help them get back on their feet.”

One Family One Day campaign will run through the end of December across Baldwin County. Panini Pete’s, Sunset Grill, Ed’s Seafood Shed kick off the restaurant partnerships in Fairhope - with more being added daily. Additional restaurants and merchants will be posted to The Fairhope Store and Prodisee Pantry social media throughout the month.

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