It’s About Hunger at Prodisee Pantry!

It’s About Hunger at Prodisee Pantry!   


We’re in this together.  Baldwin County is dealing with dual disasters:  the COVID-19 Pandemic and Hurricanes Sally and Zeta.  We are resilient.  Our caring volunteers are your neighbors. They are recovering just like you.  In 2020, Prodisee Pantry will have distributed about THREE Million pounds of food to our neighbors who are struggling.  That’s 1,500 tons of food. The impacts of these disasters will be felt for a long time.  But, we’re in this together!  For the thousands of families who received boxes and bags filled with food from a smiling, compassionate volunteer who oftentimes was in the same shape, without power, dealing with debris or scared of the invisible threat of the Coronavirus, the THANK YOU and God Bless were heard loud and clear.  It’s clear that we are so much more than a box of groceries to so many.  Prodisee Pantry says THANK YOU to our community for your ongoing support and prayers.  We’re in this together… because it’s about hunger!  For more information on how to get help, to give or to volunteer:  venom@Prodisee-Pantry 251-626-1720  @itsabouthunger #ProdiseePantry 


(Through 11/22 at Prodisee Pantry:   27, 436 families fed this year... with 2,706,500 pounds of food.  Double the families and three times the food)


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