How to Motivate and Align Your Employees for 2020

JAN 5, 2020 | Kerry Flowers, Flower Consulting Group

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as a boss?

With 1 = "I have no clue.”

And 10 = "I got this.  Don’t need any help.”

When I ask this of my clients, most are ready to rate themselves to see how they stack up against other bosses I have surveyed.

That’s when I bring the hammer.

It doesn’t matter where you rate yourself on this scale . . . whatsoever.  If you really want to know how you stack up as a boss, ask the people that you are bossing around.  That’s the only rating that matters.

Lucky for you, your Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce knew you were searching for these answers.  And we have them right here. 



For bosses, the holy grail of employees is finding, motivating, and keeping great talent.  The quest for this grail begins and ends with employees that are engaged.

Employee engagement is different - and way more important - than employee satisfaction.  Satisfied employees can sit and collect a paycheck.  That doesn’t mean they are engaged. 

Engaged employee can’t sit around.  They want to go the extra mile for you, your customers, and each other.  And they aren’t satisfied until they do so!

So how do you get the latter employee to be a part of your organization?  Simple. . . 

Employee engagement occurs when bosses acknowledge their employees’ perspective.

. . . but not easy.


One of the most difficult things for humans to do is to see the world from a different perspective.  Yet, whewe do we always, always come away with a deeper understanding. 

Bosses of engaged employees know the value in doing this. They also know they can acknowledge their employee’s perspective without sacrificing the goals and objectives of their company. 

What is required?  A PEOPLE PROCESS that leads to psychological safety.  Fancy words that simply mean that bosses should set up a culture that encourages employees to: 

            (1) Share information in all directions

            (2) Share their opinions

            (3) Take risks to improve

            (4) Make mistakes (recognize effort, not just outcomes)

When employees feel safe in these four areas, engagement is a natural by-product.



When I ask bosses what frustrates them the most about running a business, many times the answer is getting and keeping people on the same page.

The main culprit?  Busy—ness.

We get busy checking our to-do lists, filling orders, and getting stuff done. We look up and it’s 5 o’clock and we wonder where the day went.

Scientists have a name for this - entropy.  Entropy is the measure of random activity in a system, and without a concerted effort, all systems unravel and random activity increases… including work.

The problem with entropy in your business is that when it occurs inefficiency increases. Instead of employees being on the same page regarding costs, customers, and culture, each employee retreats back to their individual silo.

To prevent this, bosses should recognize PURPOSE-ful PROGRESS.

First, remind your employees who they work for . . . not you, the customer.  Show each employee how they contribute to creating loyal customers. (aka, the PURPOSE of your business.)

Second, routinely show employees how they are making PROGRESS. Volumes of research reveal that employees are inspired when they see themselves making progress at work.

So, show ‘em.

Engaging and aligning your workforce pays dividends for you as the boss in two ways:

            (1) You attract, keep, and inspire your talent, and

            (2) The company is way more likely to achieve the objectives you set.

In fact, businesses (in any industry) that follow these practices have been shown to increase profitability, productivity, and sales while slowing turnover, absenteeism, and injuries on the job!

Sound like a plan for 2020?  Join me at the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Smart Business Academy on February 19 to learn how.

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