From Senior Architect and Interior Designer to Principal: Walcott Adams Verneuille Welcomes Abby Davis as New Partner

Submitted: Walcott Adams Verneuille

FAIRHOPE, Ala. - Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects (WAV) is excited to announce the promotion of Abby Davis to Principal. She’s joining fellow Principals Mac Walcott, Gina Walcott, Clay Adams, Lea Verneuille, and Ryan Baker. Abby has become  integral to WAV as a firm leader, successfully expanding our interior design profile, taking on complicated design challenges and mentoring our younger designers. Abby is also a community leader, taking on leadership roles in community organizations and hands-on volunteer work.

Abby is excited to use her new role to continue expanding WAV’s commercial and residential interiors work. She’s looking forward to some exciting commercial and residential projects moving into the construction phase in 2019, as well as several fantastic interior projects currently on the boards and several that will be completed this year.

Focusing on the development of interior architecture alongside the exterior design of a building has always been a passion of hers. Abby enjoys creating interiors that are seamlessly integrated with the overall architecture of the building--spaces that reinforce and enhance the architectural point of view and spirit of the design. She also believes that Interior architecture and design can delight and surprise by bringing something new and unexpected, especially within existing buildings.

"My attitude towards design aligns well with WAV's approach, and in my new role as partner, I plan to celebrate the firm's capability to create beautiful interiors. Details matter to us, both exterior and interior. The interior countertop, lighting, cabinet hardware, and furniture selections are important decisions to us--as are the eave details and waterproofing system on the exterior. Whether commercial or residential, we can help develop a cohesive, fluid design (both inside and out) for our clients,” said Abby Davis

In addition to her goals of raising the profile of WAV’s interior architecture services, Abby will continue her efforts in making a positive difference in the community. Whether being an organizational leader or doing hands-on volunteering, she loves the fellowship and connection that being active in her community provides. She’s even introduced her first grader to community service this past fall!

It was not only Abby’s design skills, hard work and passion for interiors that identified her as a WAV firm leader. It was also her commitment to mentoring younger designers. Her advice to potential future firm leaders is to never become complacent; strive to exceed expectations and to progress--technically, aesthetically, and as community leaders. She observes that leaders and experts in their fields are constantly seeking to improve and push boundaries, and it motivates those around them to do the same.

"I've gotten two bits of advice from Architecture Professors that I think potential firm leaders could benefit from:

1. Architecture should reflect the spirit of the times. I've interpreted this in many ways over the years--I think it sticks with me because, to me, the root of this advice is that architecture should endeavor to inspire. It should reflect something, mean something, it should have a spirit, a life to it. If you're working on a project, and especially if you're leading it, ask yourself how you can inject spirit into the spaces you are creating.  

2.  Proceed and be bold. Samuel "Sambo" Mockbee's advice is universal. Learning from the wise ones around you is a must, but you've also got to take the initiative to set professional, personal, and creative goals, and pursue them boldly.”

Join us in welcoming Abby Davis as our newest WAV Principal.

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