Fairhope Police Increase Education on Laws Regarding Alcohol

Fairhope City events are growing and, hopefully, business is booming for you as well. 

We continually evaluate the logistics and safety issues for each event.  With growth, safety concerns naturally increase. We have two areas of concern and will be hitting the pavement to educate!

Alcohol in Public:

It is illegal to consume / have an open container in a public space and this includes during City events.  If your business distributes alcohol and you allow someone to leave the property with an open container, the scenario varies:

If you have a liquor license:

Alcohol cannot enter or exit your premises

Alcohol can be served in a "controlled patio” but not in an open outdoor space (this includes chairs on the sidewalk)

Any violation will affect your liquor license.


Those without a liquor license:

If you choose to offer, say, a free glass of wine, you must do so for everyone 21 or older who requests it.  It is not permissible to offer it only to select groups or to require a purchase in order to receive it.  This would result in a citation for "selling without a license”

Any participant who takes the drink outdoors can and will be charged with an "Open Container” violation with a fine up to $500, or a possible arrest for Public Intoxication.

Do yourself and your customers a favor by using personnel, signage, etc. to keep alcoholic beverages from entering public space.  Please feel free to use the attached sign if you like.


Pedestrians in the Roadway:

Some events include closed roadways but not all.  If a roadway is NOT closed by the City, pedestrians cannot stand/sit/linger in the street.  Most often this is an issue with Art Walk and with crowds that gather around a performer.

At this time, Delamare is the only roadway that is closed during Art Walk.  It is not permissible to otherwise block/intrude upon a roadway or sidewalk. We are especially concerned with vehicles travelling after dark and pedestrians who are sitting in the roadway.

We will be doing our part by corralling pedestrians out of the streets and asking performers to move to a safer location.  On the private end, please do not set up a performer on an open roadway or by completely blocking a sidewalk (ADA requirements).  Please utilize a closed street or private property. 

These are fun events that are great for the local economy, but the last thing anyone wants is for a pedestrian to be struck by a vehicle.  Safety is our concern.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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