DAPHNE, ALA., March 27, 2014 - - The Eastern Shore Chamber Environmental Committee honored the 2013 Environmental Award Winner, Original Oyster House, with a tree planting at Christ the King School recently. 

The tree is a 15-foot Nuttall Oak, from Fred Corte Tree Farm. On hand for the event were: (from left): Kindergarten Teacher Tierney Moore, Principal Max Crane, Daphne Mayor Dane Haygood, Restaurant Owner Joe Roszkowski, ESCoC President/CEO Darrelyn Bender and Assistant Teacher Bea Hernandez. They were joined by Christ the King School kindergarten students.

Each year the Chamber selects a member that is proactive in taking steps, above and beyond what is required by policy or law, to protect the environment as well as the quality of life along the Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore Chamber is one of only a handful of chambers in the United States that presents an environmental award and probably the only one that recognizes them by planting a 15-foot live oak tree in honor of their contribution. The Chamber has planted 16 trees along the Eastern Shore.

This year’s winner has been leading the restaurant industry in becoming a green business. In 2010 this 30-year-old business started recycling all cooking oil and refining it into bio diesel fuel that is now used in their company trucks. In December of 2012 a wind turbine was installed at their Causeway restaurant that offsets energy costs. The wind turbine sits on a 55-foot-high tower and works 24 hours a day generating power whenever winds reach eight miles per hour or greater. The power generated lights the restaurant’s playground and outdoor lights. Any surplus energy goes back on the grid. In addition, solar water heaters were installed this year at both restaurants. And there’s more. They are partnering with the Gulf Coast Emporium to help educate children about the positive effects of Green Energy through the STEAM movement.

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