Dream Dinners Takes the Stress Out of Mealtime in Daphne

Dream Dinners Daphne is now open at 1539 US HWY 98, Suite 302 Daphne (Behind Tazikis). Want to get your family around the dinner table? Dream Dinners does all the planning, shopping, chopping and prep work! You go in, assemble meals to take home to freeze, then each night you can have a homemade meal cooked for your family within 30 minutes.

Dream Dinners' guests can preview a changing monthly menu online at dreamdinners.com and select their dinners from a menu featuring up to 17 items (depending on location) such as Steak Gorgonzola, Penne with Chicken and Peanut Sauce and Firehouse Three Cheese Pasta with Meatballs. The guest can elect to assemble 3-serving or 6-serving dinners, in any combination that works best for their families. (The minimum order per session is 36-servings.) Guests then register to attend a meal assembly session at the nearest Dream Dinners store location, and pay for their session online.

When it's time for their session, guests bring boxes or coolers with them to the Dream Dinners store, where their friendly and knowledgeable staff greet them and explain the process. At the store, guests rotate through refrigerated recipe stations, scooping prepped ingredients into the provided baking pans or gallon-sized, zip-top bags, which they label with the appropriate cooking instructions.

After assembling their dinners, guests take the uncooked dinners home and freeze them. Each week, three meals are taken from the freezer and placed in the refrigerator to be enjoyed during the upcoming week.

Guests are finding that Dream Dinners enables them to provide their families with nutritious, wholesome, home-cooked dinners with less stress and more time to enjoy their families.

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