Daphne High School Quarterback Club Offers Digital Scoreboard Advertising

Local businesses now have an opportunity to advertise on Daphne High School's Digital Scoreboard during home football games. The Daphne High School Quarterback Club is offering this advertising opportunity.
Digital display ads at stadiums offer a niche, effective advertising medium. They offer visual appeal and an eye-catching quality that is universally coveted by advertisers. These dynamic content displays also allow advertisers to use video, animation, or other moving images in the ad content. 

At the same time, the traditional advertising benefits for stadium advertisements still remain relevant. Advertisers can grab the attention of a captive audience. Whether they wait in line for the restroom or concessions, many sports fans will be seeking out digital displays for an updated score or to see plays as they happen in high definition. Stadium audiences, an excited and emotionally charged audience, are coveted advertising prospects, making the investment in digital signage a no-brainer. 

 Click here to see the full media kit with detail on the many options available.

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