Coastal Alabama Real Estate Opens in Fairhope

FAIRHOPE, Ala. - Congratulations to Stephen Roberts and Coastal Alabama Real Estate, LLC (CARE) on opening their doors at 106 Fairhope Avenue in Fairhope. This community-focused real estate company blends old-time service with the technology of tomorrow. CARE serves clients with real estate needs in residential, commercial and property management.

Stephen Roberts grew up in Fairhope and has fond memories of all the events, places and people that make this area special. That’s why a spirit of volunteerism is so important to his new agency. They’re working to add value to the lives of their clients, agents and community.

The agents are CARE, invite you to stop by. Anytime that open sign is on the door, you’re welcome to come enjoy some hot coffee or cold lemonade. They even have treats and cold water for your pet.

To learn more about Coastal Alabama Real Estate, visit them on facebook at

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