Celebrating Chamber of Commerce Week in Alabama–October 19-23, 2020

Celebrating Chamber of Commerce Week in Alabama October 1 9 - 23, 2020
President Ronald Regan once said, "no community will ever be very much better than its  chamber of commerce causes it to be.” As we celebrate the efforts of the 100+ local chambers  of commerce across the great State of Alabama  in observance of Chamber of Commerce Week we know that Alabama remains a strong, vibrant, and attractive place to d o business because of  their efforts.
Have you ever stopped to think where your community would be without your local chamber of  commerce? As chamber of commerce professionals, many of us have given great thought to  our vision and mission and to the entiti es we are privileged to serve. 
While often behind the scenes, the work of these local chambers of commerce helps support  and create a space in which businesses can succeed. As these businesses succeed, our  economic engine in the great State of Alabama gro ws and thrives. These local chambers are  working together for the creation and retention of wealth in both the business and civic  communities they serve.
  The future of our state depends on having a vibrant economy and healthy business  environment. The st rong leadership from local chambers of commerce provides for an  important grassroots commitment to the economic well - being and future of Alabama. 
Our local chambers of commerce ensure continued access to the notion of free enterprise by  securing a competit ive marketplace that allows businesses to compete and grow. Working  together to build the "we” is exactly how a local chamber of commerce remains vital in any  local community and continues to improve our quality of life.  Alabama’s local chamber of  commer ce leaders are asking vital questions about what kind of communities they want to be  and live in. These chambers are engaging and working on solutions to the problems facing them  by creating a place of dialogue, problem - solving, and cooperation.
Alabama is  blessed to have some of the absolute best local chambers of commerce in the  country. The men and women  of these chambers  make it their mission to "build a better  Alabama through strong chambers of commerce.” During Chamber of Commerce Week (October 1 9 - 2 3 , 20 20 ), I hope you will visit your local chamber of commerce, thank them for  their efforts, and get involved today to help guaran tee an even better tomorrow.
J eremy L. Arthur , CCE  is  p resident and CEO, Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama. He  curr ently serves as  c hairman of the Board of Trustees, Institute for Organization Management,  U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce  Committee of 100. A lifelong Alabamian, you can find him cheering for his alma  mater, Auburn  University, or reading his favorite book, "To Kill A Mockingbird” by Alabama native, Nelle Harper  Lee

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