Bayshore Christian Students Take Hands-on Approach to Learning About Weather

The third graders at Bayshore Christian School were recently studying a variety of weather systems. After a field trip to the Wallace Tunnel and Gulfquest Museum in the fall, students attended a follow-up field trip to WKRG News 5. During the Wallace Tunnel visit, students discovered how traffic is diverted and the tunnels may close due to inclement weather. At Gulfquest Museum, students enjoyed a weather presentation on the sphere projector screen. Students were able to observe previous weather patterns in motion as it would have taken place on the Earth as it happened. While at WKRG, John Nodar shared with the students behind the scenes action of the weather forecast. Students viewed the green screen with the weather models in motion, and the optical illusion of how Mr. Nodar was "looking” at the screen. These field trip experiences ignited a curiosity about meteorology and built background knowledge about our future weather studies.

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