Prodisee Pantry proud to announce Chamber Award!

Proud to announce that Prodisee Pantry's Executive Director, Deann Servos was recently awarded the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce 2016 Community Leader of the Year. Servos is humbled to be recognized by the chamber and credit's Prodisee Pantry's dedicated volunteers with the community ministry's success and impact in the Baldwin County.

According to the chamber, "when we search for our Community Leader of the Year we look for someone who is obviously very involved in the... community for both the community's sake and for personal development. We also look for someone who is a high achiever in business and treats employees with respect. It is also important that the individual go beyond the call in providing excellent customer service. Serving on boards and volunteering their time are also two important factors. 

The 2016 Community Leader of the year specializes in remedying an invisible need in Baldwin county, hunger. Her tireless promotion of the prodisee pantry through community engagement ensured 655 tons of food was given to more than 15,000 Baldwin County families in 2015. 

As executive director, she is not only feeding those in need, but instilling an atmosphere of servitude throughout Baldwin County by providing volunteer opportunities to all ages. She leads by example, and in turn, is truly changing the atmosphere of our community for the better. Through Deann's passion to help clients better themselves, they are also afforded career opportunities, legal aid assistance, GED opportunities and Social Security advice. 
All of these opportunities would not be possible without Deann's commitment to community involvement. The Prodisee Pantry is represented throughout the Eastern Shore because of the value she puts in connectivity. The 2016 Community Leader of the Year is Deann Servos with the Prodisee Pantry"

Servos invites the community to come lend their hands and hearts at Prodisee Pantry! She says "she knows you will be as blessed as the families blessed by the gifts of food and hugs provided each week by our volunteers!" For information how, check out the website: or call 251-626-1720

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