Fairhope Author Releases Book in Midst of Hurricane Sally

 Fairhope Author Releases Book in Midst of Hurricane Sally 
Lucinda Blackwell from Fairhope, AL recently released her debut novel, Gramble Street, during Hurricane Sally. Without power, cell, and WiFi to promote her new accomplishment, this author hopes to help spread the word about her new book, now available for purchase on Amazon! 
"When investigative reporter, Nicole Portman, lands a tip for an explosive story, she never imagines the political intrigue surrounding a powerful California Senator could be her ultimate undoing. Thrust from celebrity anchor to outsider, this lone risk-taker finds herself in the tattered remains of the career she worked hard to build. Fueled by unbridled determination, she vows to uncover the truth around Senator Tom Vinsant.

Vinsant, fighting to keep his seat in the Senate, will take down anyone who stands in his way, including his own wife, Ginny. Ginny Vinsant has totaled her automobile and insists she hit and possibly killed four children, but there’s no evidence and no one will listen, especially the senator who demands her silence. This time, however, driven by agonizing guilt, Ginny cannot be silenced and there’s only one person she’s sure her husband doesn’t own. 

Equipped with nothing more than Ginny’s vague memory, and her own tenacity, Nicole takes to the streets. From Malibu to Gramble Street, the glamour quickly tarnishes when Nicole uncovers an evil network and a pattern of missing children. Not even the bodies left as warnings against proceeding further could stop her now.

In this high-octane story, Nicole has more than a killer to outrun as it becomes personal and this journey for ultimate truth may cost her everything . . . including her life."

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